Best Facial Cleanser What To Look For

Best facial cleanser on the market can be hard to narrow down with all the different competing brands and all the wonderful promises they make. Further if you have a certain type of skin type than finding the best facial cleanser takes extra effort to ensure your skin does not suffer from any undue irritation.

Before trying to decide what the best facial cleanser for you is, you have to start from the beginning and find out what a good basic facial cleanser needs to do.

Best Facial Cleanser Should…

Rinse of easily in warm water without clogging your pores or sticking to your skin

Be gentle on your skin. It should never irritate or leave your skin red, or clean all the oils of your face leaving it too dry and it should not leave behind a greasy residue neither.

Leave your skin feeling clean and looking clean. A good facial cleanser should be able to remove the most stubborn makeup products without you having to resort to scrubbing.

Remove dead skin cells gently, without requiring any scrubbing or mechanical action or your part. Some facial cleansers have microbeads etc, however the best facial cleansers use chemicals to thoroughly remove dead skin cells gently without relying on any scrubbing.

The best facial cleanser for some one with oily or acne prone skin is

  • Water soluble
  • Removes dirt and grime
  • All without leaving your skin over dry from over stripping moisture from the skin
  • The best cleanser for someone with dry or sensitive skin is

Fragrance free

  1. Contain gentle detergents (eg cocamidopropyl betaine)
  2. Contains an emollient (eg glycerin)

Facial cleansers that claim they are “all natural” and contain added fruit or plant extracts are not always the best cleansers. The marketing for these products like to bemoan the evils of using ingredients that are not natural. However, even natural ingredients can easily cause skin irritation. Sticking to a fragrant free, additive free cleanser is the best way to make sure the cleanser will not cause irritation or worse, breakouts!

Other things to realize with finding a facial cleanser is that just because a product lathers well does not mean it is a good cleanser. Also, no cleanser on the market can prevent or reverse the signs of aging. A cleanser can only remove dead skin cells to reveal newer more youthful skin.

Finally, never wash your face more than twice a day. Otherwise you run the risk of over stripping the natural oils from your skin and cause over drying which can lead to irritation and excessive oil product for others.

Best facial cleanser product brand suggestions

Cleansers from these makers are highly touted on the internet, on review sites and online shops such as amazon.

  • Cetaphil
  • Olay
  • Philosophy
  • Phisoderm
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