Best Hair Growth Remedies Provillus Revisited

Provillus is one of the medications that can be used if you are suffering hair loss. It contains the same ingredients Minoxidil uses with the addition of DHT. This helps in growing hair naturally as their combination has this effect.

Provillus is a good substitute for expensive surgeries like hair transplants etc. It is a safe way to stimulate your hair growth! The capsules contain nutrients that are needed for your hair growth and also to stop hair

These capsules are gender orientated, i.e. different for men and women both. This is because when it comes to certain treatments like hair loss, different ingredients are needed. For women, the provillus treatment refreshes the scalp and makes it capable for growing healthy hair. And, men create a hormone known as DHT which is the main reason why hair loss occurs for them.

Research has told us that hair loss occurs more because of the level of DHT in the scalp. When the DHT is at the peak, it interrupts the cycle of hair growth, contributing to the shortening of the growth phase and it takes less time for the hair to fall out. This results in the loss of hair.

The advantage of this treatment is that it can be started before excessive hair loss has occurred. This way, the production of DHT can be stopped at an early stage and the roots are strengthened.

When women experience menopause, they start to produce the DHT hormones which result in excessive hair loss. Provillus can be found either in capsule or liquid form and it helps in re-building hair. The product stops the formation of DHT and creates new hair follicles. The product contains ingredients that are needed by the hair for growth and maintenance.

Provillus does not have any harmful side effects that people normally suffer from. It, however, is not effective on everyone. But, it does stop hair stop hair loss to the maximum.

This supplement contains a blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and Minoxidil which improve growth and reverse the symptoms of hair loss. This is an over the counter product which includes magnesium, biotin, vitamin B6, pumpkin extract, Muria Puania, zinc and saw palmetto. All these ingredients help in the promotion of hair growth.

The company is confident enough that it has a money back guarantee for 6 months with a full refund. As it is not made of harmful chemicals and formulas, like a majority of products, it is a safe product to use. Hair grows with an elaborate shine and bounce after the consummation of this product as it is proper nutrition for you hair.

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