Can I use block paving or paving stones for my patio surface?

Outdoor floors allow you to cover floors on terraces, porches and small patios. Choosing the one that best suits your space depends on several factors. The keys to choose outdoor flooring are three –

  • The material 
  • Floor performance
  • Type of installation

Remember that all outdoor floors require a firm and level base for installation.

Block paving

This type of choice is the most elegant for those who want a private and welcoming patio / terrace. The price, for the same size, varies greatly depending on the type of stone chosen – pink granite is worth much less than a “Rosa” marble. However, it is higher. The installation can be done with joint or dry. Pay attention to the weight of the material, check that the thickness is sufficient not to make it break at the first impact, but not excessive to overload the floor that supports it. If possible, have it treated to be waterproof and anti-mold.

Paving stones

A decidedly robust and resistant material, paving stone allows for highly customizable outdoor surfaces. The maintenance is minimal while the resistance to thermal changes and to different atmospheric conditions, remaining protected from mold and liquid substances such as oils and fats. The installation phase must take place perfectly. This material is undoubtedly the cheapest and most practical to use if you have a patio / terrace. On the market, it can be found depending on the diameter, large or small, and on the color.

In the end

The choice of sillutiskivi müük for an outdoor space must take into account, beyond the usual aesthetic parameters common to the choice of flooring, also technical aspects related to constant exposure to sunlight and bad weather. The material must be waterproof and non-slip at the same time, capable of supporting the loads associated with the furnishings, withstand heat, cold and sudden changes in temperature, and finally, do not allow mold to form.

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