How Can You Arrange For The Best PRP Kit?

If you decide to go for the micro-needling with the help of the PRP kit, then this is a decision that will prove to be very beneficial for you. There are various types of options that are available. This has proved to be the best option as per the complete research and analysis. Once the person has taken the final decision, the first question that strives the person’s mind is What Is The Best PRP Kit?

Choosing the right platelet-rich plasma system can be confusing for the person. There are various options available, and selecting the best one is tricky.

Select the one with the lowest RBC count

Generally, it is believed that the final PRP that you are selecting should have the number of RBCs equal to zero as RBC reduces the amount of recovery, so the person in the PRP kit should avoid them. To avoid the RBC in the PRP kit, there have been several methods that have been applied, like the hourglass, flow cytometer. But they did not prove to be that successful. After the complete research gel barrier method is the one that has been declared the most effective way to reduce the amount of the RBC in the PRP kit.

 As the gel is used in this method in the collection tube, it acts as the barrier to trap the RBC underneath during the complete procedure.

Compare the number of neutrophils and the number of monocytes

Neutrophils are substances known to have an inflammatory effect on the target area; on the other hand, the monocytes work with the platelets and increase the healing effect of the person. Therefore, if you want to have the perfect PRP kit, it will be advisable to have a minimum amount of neutrophils while the maximum amount of the monocytes to get the best results.

Make sure that it is a closed system

Generally, it is believed that the purity of the PRP kit can be determined only if the result of the kit is the best, even after exposure to the contaminants that are in the outside world. There are various systems available, out of which some require pulling off the top of the container. Make sure that this is the step that is done under the venting hood only so that the kit does not get exposed to the bacteria that are in the environment.

Have high yield platelet

If we talk about the efficiency of the platelets, then it ranges from 13 to 79%. Some people have the mentality that if the efficiency is high, then the quality of the kit will be the best. The kit’s efficiency will help the person get the answer to the question like What Is The Best PRP Kit?

Ease of using

Anything that the person cannot ignore is the method is the ease of using the kit. Though these kits have so simple steps that a person can easily use them, but they need proper training and practice to use the best available kit. A person can keep in mind specific things while making the thought regarding the use of the kit:

  • Automate sites are not always automated

This is a thing that a person should keep in mind, especially the person using the kit for the first time. Though it is said that they have an automatic system, than also a person should have the proper training if he wishes to use it properly.

  • Spin time differ

As we know, there is a variety of PRP kits that are available in the market. Each of the systems will have a different spinning time. The spinning time varies from 4 minutes to 21 minutes. Even in the case of some of the systems, the spinning is required to be done two times, which will increase the overall time.

  • Go for the vacutainer

Vacutainer is the traditional method that was used by the people for collecting the blood. Most people prefer the blood collection with this method rather than with the syringe as it is a safer option.

These are some of the tips that will help the person select the best PRP kit. If the person is careful while making this decision, he will get good results.

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