Penetration Testing: Learn 5 Steps To Perform The Test!

There are certain steps that are present in order to perform the penetration testing services for your system. This will ensure to make proper protection and secure the network from various external attacks.

  • Planning

It is the first and foremost step in order to performing the penetration testing process for your system. It involves proper planning to easily stimulate all the attacks that may occur on your system. This is important to do planning so that you can easily find the weaknesses of the system.

  • Scanning

The testers are going to use various tools so that they can scan and explore all the weaknesses of the network, which have increased the chances of attacks on your computer. Therefore, it is important to obtain the correct and accurate data so that it can be performed accurately.

  • System Access

Now, the penetration testers want to have access to go into your system so that they can find the number of damages which have occurred due to the hackers. This will make sure to get all the details and help the system to get exploited by certain privileges.

  • Persistent Access

This step is going to find the maximum level of information of the network and also the privileges along with it so that they can identify the breach and make them understood all the customers who have come to get cured of the issue.

  • Analysis

A detailed report is being prepared so that all the results of the process can be recorded here. This will help you define all the processes that took place to perform penetration testing in your system.

Thus, in order to perform the above process, one has to take precautions so that no attacks can occur in the future. Doing so will ensure the healthy working of your system for a long period of time.

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