Why I Started Looking For The Best Makeup For Oily Skin

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Why did I start looking for the best makeup for oily skin? That’s an easy one, I like to look good. It may sound conceited, but everyone knows that they want to look their best. I took a look at myself and realized I was not looking as good as I could.

Why should all the other girls get the attention just because I have a shiny forehead? It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s how life goes. I was determined to find the best way to minimize my flaws and accentuate my positives (that’s my personality if you were wondering). To do this, I decided the first step was to get rid of my oiliness.

It sounds simple enough right? Just wash your face more often and then you’ll be fine. Well, in actuality, that isn’t how it works. Many women have different issues that are causing their face to look oily. I did wash my face more, but I also started eating better and trying not to touch my face. These methods helped a little bit, but not to the extent that I was hoping.

This is where I decided to go the medical route. I talked to a doctor about my oily skin worries and he said that even the best makeup for oily skin won’t help if the root cause is an underlying medical problem. Sounds pretty legit, and he IS a doctor, so who was I to argue? He prescribed a cream called retin-A.

Retin-A is supposed to be derived from vitamin A and have all kinds of amazing benefits. People are claiming it reduces wrinkles, cures acne, and all kinds of face related problem. In my experience, it was terrible. It’s basically a cream that you rub on your face. It’s supposed to clear out your pores and help natural exfoliation, and all kinds of other good things. In my case, it burned, it made my skin red and irritated, and pretty much sucked in every way. I should have known something was up when it’s a prescription drug and it warns you to not go out in the sun too much. It’s like a horribly face melting vampire serum.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, the reason I set out on this quest to find the best makeup for oily skin is so that I didn’t have to try out any more prescription drugs and have my face melted off all because I want to look pretty. Yes, I am serious about wanting to look nice, but not serious enough to pay big money for drugs that may make me look even worse than before I got them.

This is why I decided to just go with good makeup. Everyone wears makeup, so why not just get good makeup that will also help with my oily skin? It seemed like an easy compromise to make. Fast forward to today(which really isn’t that much forwarding), and now I can tell you my favorite anti-oil product for just about any brand, or type of makeup. I’m basically a self taught expert on the subject. All so I can look nice and not have my face melted off by prescription chemical. It’s worth it though because I get really into it and enjoy trying and critiquing new products.

Now you know why I started a site all about the best makeup for oily skin. I want to look nice and I like critiquing things so it just seemed like a good fit. Hopefully some of the posts I am putting on here will be of help to others and this will all be worth it.

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